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Top 26 Baby Names of 2018

If you are like me and my wife, we had 9 months to come up with a baby name and we needed all the time we could get! We are just a few days away from our baby boy arriving and we still have some decisions to make! Should we go with traditional, unique, original, family names....the options are endless! The choice is yours, but we have listed below the 26 most popular girls and boys names in the US for 2018. 



1 Emma Liam
2 Olivia Noah
3 Ava Oliver
4 Isabella Mason
5 Sophia Logan
6 Amelia Lucas
7 Mia Elijah
8 Charlotte Ethan
9 Harper James
10 Mila Aiden
11 Aria Carter
12 Ella Jackson
13 Evelyn Sebastian
14 Avery Alexander
15 Abigail Michael
16 Emily Benjamin
17 Riley Jacob
18 Luna William
19 Scarlett Grayson
20 Chloe Jack
21 Sofia Daniel
22 Layla Owen
23 Lily Luke
24 Madison Henry
25 Ellie Wyatt
26 Zoey Jayden


We decided to name our 6-year-old Rylynn and our 3-year-old Emery. It was a process, but we love the names we chose! You can see my girls below. They are the inspiration behind our brand and the decisions we make in life. We invite you to come learn about our brand by visiting our About Us page.  Thanks for visiting!
The Allgyer Family
Justin, Danielle, Emery, and Rylynn


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