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A Father's Dream

From a Christmas Decoration to a Zip Line for Toys

It started as a Christmas decoration and ended as a zip line for toys. Tonight was one of those nights that I love. It was a busy day of work and I was having trouble leaving it all behind. I started playing with my girls and things escalated quickly...very quickly. 

My girls love to do crafts. Danielle is always making things with them and Ry comes home from school and loves to show us the things she has made. Ry had the idea of making paper Christmas lights. She wanted to to make a pattern,...

A 5-Year-Old and a $5 Bill


I got the opportunity to teach my daughter about the value of a dollar. Me and Rylynn (my 5 Year Old) were stopped by an elderly lady that had bumped a curb with her car. Although there wasn’t much damage, the bumper was hanging on the back kind of funny. We spent a couple of minutes getting the bumper put back in place and she was good to go! She wanted to give us a few bucks and I told her we didn’t need anything. She insisted and gave us $5.

I took the...

A Father's Dream - Introduction

A Father’s Influence

As a father of 2 little girls, I realize that I have a very large influence on the way that they view themselves and the confidence that they will have for their entire lives. I feel a large sense of responsibility to help them learn about the skills that they have and to help them learn something new everyday. I have decided to begin a blog about our journey as parents and specifically mine as a father and the influence that I have in their lives.

They are the Reason for Our Slogan